Saturday, May 7, 2011

Welcome to Conversely ....

Welcome to my (revamped) blog.

It is here I will post semi-regular updates about projects and miscellaneous ephemera  concerning open-source software and hardware.

Much of this will deal with Arduino projects and information and with Linux applications, utilities and OSes that I use.  I have been an "open-source tragic" since 2006 when I finally gave up a long relationship with proprietary software and operating systems and went fully Linux.  Ubuntu was the key to that move and I still use Ubuntu on all my home computers.

While I am certainly a "tragic", I'm not a one-eyed fanatic who believes that the open-source world is perfect, or even always better for everyone in all situations.  There are still plenty of compromises necessary to be 100% open-source (, I'm looking at you!).  I realise that the choice I made is a mix of philosophy, ethics, practicality and sheer contrariness.  The pay-off, however, has been immense - especially in terms of reinvigorating my interest in technology and learning heaps about it.  I love solving problems, and while open-source gear is not unique in delivering problems, it does encourage you to bend, break and fix things while you learn.  Open-source is also a social movement, relying heavily on collaboration, volunteerism and sharing knowledge.  I have played a small part in several open-source projects and communities and can highly recommend the experience.

Although I've been using Linux and open-source software for more than five years, I'm particularly keen to write initially about my much more recent experience with the Arduino "family" of open-source hardware.  My first "real life" Arduino project was a controller and data-logger for my hobby greenhouse and it is a great example of how diving into something new can be the best kind learning experience. 

Stay tuned